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RepliCon Q2 2023

About this event

Replicon Q2 will cover all the latest and greatest from the Replicated team and beyond.

Join us to learn about Replicated's up and coming Compatibility Matrix for automatic testing on customer-representative environments. See how to streamline installer specifications with the latest advancements in kURL. Find out how to expedite issue resolution using Troubleshoot and learn how Replicated is using Chainguard Images to help secure the software supply chain for vendors and their customers

Join us! It will be a fun time, and you’ll walk away with an exciting new look at the future of distributed software.

Session Details

Kickoff from our CEO, Grant

9:00 to 9:10 am PST

Compatibility Matrix: Testing on Customer-Representative Environments (Coming Soon!)

9:10 to 9:40 am PST

What if you could automatically test your new releases on truly customer-representative environments—same cloud provider, same Kubernetes distribution and version, and even the same entitlements and configuration? Learn how Compatibility Matrix, a new service from Replicated, helps you accomplish that and more.

Streamlining Your Installer Spec with kURL

9:40 to 9:55 am PST

In this session we will highlight the recent improvements made to our Embedded Kubernetes Installer (kURL), and how it’s easier than ever to streamline your Installer spec and bring your customers onto the latest recommended add-on versions.

How Replicated Uses Troubleshoot to Expedite Resolving Issues

10:05 to 10:35 am PST

Learn how Replicated uses Troubleshoot to expedite resolving issues. We’ll review some of the new features including updatable, mergeable, and in-cluster bundles that your teams can be using today to expedite issue resolution.

The Current State of Supply Chain Security

10:35 to 11:05 am PST

Join Dan Lorenc (CEO and co-founder of Chainguard) and Andrew Storms (VP of Security at Replicated) as they explore issues around supply chain security. They will dive into the vulnerability sprawl issue plaguing containers and implications, and then detail how Replicated is using Chainguard Images to help secure the software supply chain for vendors and their customers.

Live Field Labs of New Functionality - Bonus Time

11:05 am PST

Members of our team will stick around after RepliCon to help you work through new Instruqt labs focused on new Replicated functionality. If you want to see what we've been working on, stick around!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    KP T
    Kyle Price Senior Product Manager @ Replicated Inc

  • Team member
    CS T
    Chris Sanders Director, Customer Reliability Engineering @ Replicated

  • Guest speaker
    Dan Lorenc CEO and Co-founder @ Chainguard

    Dan Lorenc is co-founder and CEO of Chainguard, a leading software supply chain security company. Dan has been working on and worrying about containers since 2015 as an engineer and manager. He started projects like Minikube, Skaffold, and Kaniko to make containers easy and fun, then got so worried about the state of OSS supply-chains he partnered up with Kim and others to found the Tekton and Sigstore projects to make it easier to build and use containers securely; as well as SLSA to create a common language for software security and supply chain integrity. He has been involved with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, chaired the Continuous Delivery Foundation technical oversight committee, and sits on the governing board and technical advisory committee for the Open Source Security Foundation.

  • Team member
    Mariel Wilding Sr. Marketing Manager (Customer Value) @ Replicated

  • Team member
    Alex Parker Senior Product Manager @ Replicated

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    Andrew Storms


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