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Green H2 transportation to revolutionize trade

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Rethink Energy predicts that 578 MMTA (million metric tons per annum) of hydrogen will be used around the world in 2050, a value that will gradually grow from around 113 MMTA in 2024. A combination of transportation methods will be used to transport and distribute this hydrogen and its derivatives, depending not only on the distance over which the fuels are transported but also what the end use will be.

This webinar will look at the benefits and disadvantages of different shipping methods for carriers such as ammonia (NH3), liquid hydrogen (LH2), and liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) like methylcyclohexane (MCH), as well as tackling the most popular land-based methods of distribution like pipelines and trucks.

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    Bogdan Avramuta Rethink Energy Director of Market Research @ Rethink Energy

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    Connor Watts Market Analyst - EV - Batteries

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