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Open Internet Contribution Transport Protocols

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With Guest Speaker: Zixi

The latest forecast from Rethink TV charts the adoption of open-internet contribution transport protocols, as they displace the incumbent dedicated satellite and fiber links. Examining this growth in the hardware, software, cloud, and networking revenue, this open-internet alternative is a growing market – but one that highlights how the legacy approaches are being bypassed in an industry that had to very quickly embrace Cloud Production.

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  • Team member
    Alex Davies Editor and Senior Analyst @ Rethink Technology Research

    I am leading Rethink TV's forecasting division, as well as writing for Faultline. I was the founding editor and main contributor of Rethink IoT (Riot).

  • Team member
    Rafi Cohen Analyst @ Rethink Technology Research

  • Guest speaker
    Gordon Brooks CEO @ Zixi

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