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Rethink Energy | Global Hydrogen Market Forecast to 2050

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The $850bn Green H2 game everybody wants to play; how an infant industry grows and why you shouldn’t worry about the short-term delays

The sun has set on the days when we were trying to convince you that the hydrogen industry is the next big thing. The world has moved on from disbelief to strategic planning. It’s not a question of “if” anymore, but a question of “when” and perhaps “how fast”. When we say that everybody wants to play this game, we mean it.

Join Rethink Energy's senior analysts, Peter White and Bogdan Avramuta, for a summary of our latest report, 'Global Hydrogen Market Forecast to 2050'.

With audience Q&A - your opportunity to put your questions to our analysts.

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    Peter White CEO @ Rethink

    Co-founder and CEO of Rethink

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    Bogdan Avramuta Rethink Energy Director of Market Research @ Rethink Energy

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