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Retool Tech Talk: How Dapper Labs built a center of excellence for internal tools that supports over 300 internal users and allows them to deliver product 10x faster

About this event

Dapper Labs delivers blockchain-based experiences and digital collectibles like NFTs across various games and drops. When they first launched their NBA Top Shot Marketplace last May, they quickly realized an acute need to manage, track, and support millions of transactions a week across their growing user base.

Now 50+ apps later they have expanded well beyond this support tool to enable over 300 internal users with mission-critical apps. Join us alongside Engineering Manager, Anna Zhao, to learn why Dapper Labs created a dedicated tooling team and how they have increased operational efficiency while delivering new product experiences 10x faster.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sachit Bhat

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Zhao Engineering Manager @ Dapper Labs