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How to set up product operations in your organization

About this event

How to set up product operations in your organization?

Join us as we speak to Anabela Cesário (VP of Product Operations & Chief of Staff to CPO at OutSystems) and Dwayne Pascal (CPTO at Reveall) about how to set up and implement product operations processes in your organization.

Join the webinar and get the chance to share your challenges and ask your questions to our speakers directly.

In this talk we’ll cover:

👉 How to implement product ops in large enterprise organizations

👉 How to kickstart product operations from scratch when no process is in place?

👉 How do you measure the success of your Product Operations team?

👉 How to prioritize for impact?

Anabela and Dwayne will draw from their wealth of experience in both enterprise and startup companies.

Seats are limited, so sign up now!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Anabela Cesário VP of Product Operations and Chief of Staff to CPO @ Outsystems

  • Team member
    Ferdinand Goetzen Co-Founder & CEO @ Reveall

    Ferdinand is Co-Founder and CEO at Reveall.

  • Guest speaker
    Dwayne Pascal Chief Product Technology Officer @ Reveall


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