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How to Build & Document a Repeatable Sales Process Any CRO Would Admire

About this event

The Holy Grail of sales is repeatability and predictability.

Without a repeatable sales process, it’s impossible to pinpoint where deals are breaking down—and even harder to get everyone on your sales team aligned and working in sync. Not to mention onboarding new reps!

After interviewing 100's of sales leaders, we learned that there’s no best practice to building and documenting a repeatable sales process. So we’re taking things into our own hands!

Join our panel of sales leaders who’ve successfully developed and systematized the sales process at companies like Tray.io, DocSend, Accord, and Stripe.

You'll learn how to:

  • Document your repeatable sales process
  • Ensure it’s actually used (duh!)
  • Improve it over time
  • Effortlessly onboard new reps

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ross Rich CEO @ Accord

  • Guest speaker
    Mikaela Stamas Solutions Engineer @ Front

  • Guest speaker
    Sid Kumaran

  • Guest speaker
    Tom Hemmingsen Senior Director, Commercial Sales @ Five9


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