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New Buyer’s Agent Commission Ruling: What Does It Mean For Real Estate?

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has announced a major overhaul in how buyer’s agent commissions will be handled.

This shift marks a pivotal moment for the real estate sector. This adjustment places the responsibility on homebuyers to directly compensate their agents, a move that could influence market dynamics, especially those entering the housing market.

How will those changes affect the real estate industry? What would the buyer’s commission shift mean for title and escrow? How will the possibility of new commission financing models affect lending? What should we anticipate in the coming months?

Answers to these questions and many other ones will be presented to you on June 20th by:

🎙️Marx Sterbcow, Managing Attorney at Stebcow Law Group

🎙️Michael Krein, CEO at RIO Software Solutions, President of the National REO Brokers Association

🎙️Mike LaRosa, COO of Florida Agency Network

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  • Guest speaker
    Mike LaRosa COO @ Florida Agency Network

    Mike’s remarkable journey includes over 16 years with one of the nation's top title insurance underwriters, where he shined as the Florida State Agency Manager. Throughout his career, he has proven to be an effective leader of title operations, compliance, business development, and market strategy.

  • Team member
    Julietta Voronkov Inside Sales Specialist @ Rexera

    Julietta is an accomplished Inside Sales Specialist with a background in escrow and legal professions. Known for her expertise in client relations and service expansion, she excels at building strong connections. A passionate hockey enthusiast, she brings enthusiasm and dedication to her work.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Krein Managing Partner @ House Karma

    Michael Krein, CEO at RIO Software Solutions, Managing Partner with top billing at House Karma and President of the National REO Brokers Association, was one of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry. He used to be the largest REO broker in the country for years, personally listing and selling over 25,000 homes, before retiring from the brokerage business. He’s now the CEO of RIO Genesis, transforming his real-world expertise into revolutionary software that simplifies real estate operations and supercharges agent productivity.

  • Guest speaker
    Marx Sterbcow Managing Attorney @ The Sterbcow Law Group LLC

    With a sharp focus on the intricacies of real estate and mortgage law, Marx's expertise spans across critical areas such as RESPA, TILA & Regulation Z, and UDAAP, ensuring his clients navigate the complex waters of mortgage lending and consumer credit compliance with unparalleled precision. His legal prowess extends to real estate brokerage programs, affiliated business arrangements, and marketing compliance, making him a pivotal figure in real estate law.


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