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How can AI help recruiters overcome unconscious recruiting biases?

About this webinar

In 2015, Amazon had to shut down its secret AI powered recruiting engine started in 2014 for discriminating women. This raised awareness in 2018 in both the HR and AI communities about the need of having interpretable and bias-free models.

In this webinar, we will address some fundamental concerns, such as:

How can AI be applied to recruiting and help recruiters with their talent acquisition efforts?

How can we overcome unconscious biases, while we can only learn from the data that exists and generated by ourselves?

- Who should be held accountable for the bias problem: the human or the machines? Aren't they just revealing a facedown of our human identity?

So join us for this interactive webinar with Mouhidine Seiv, CEO at Riminder, as a speaker.


The Riminder team

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    Othmane Izi VP Operations @ Riminder

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    Mouhidine Seiv Founder, CEO @ Riminder

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