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Riminder invites you to its webinar

Riminder Onboarding - (Portfolio Plug And Play only)

About this webinar

Onboarding session on Riminder exclusively for Plug And Play's portfolio startups.

Please join us for this session to discover Riminder's AI Talent acquisition solution and get access to +50 qualified profiles!

This onboarding webinar is designed for startups' CEOs, COOs, Chief People Officers, Talent Acquisition Managers and anyone else involved in hiring for their companies.

You can choose between 2 sessions:

  • Wednesday, November 28th at 9:00am PST
  • Wednesday, December 5th at 9:30am PST
  • Wednesday, December 12th at 9:00am PST

You can book us directly on https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/lucie-hubert for a personalized onboarding after the webinar!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mouhidine Seiv CEO and founder @ Riminder

    Entrepreneur & Data Scientist. Founder @RiminderDotNet.

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Chow Ventures @ Plug and Play Tech


Hire more, better and faster

Riminder improves and distributes state of the art solutions in Deep Learning in order to solve concerns in the recruitment field.
Our mission is to leverage both Big Data and AI to reveal people’s full potential.