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Chatbots suck

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Chatbots suck

(with Pieter Buteneers - CTO, Chatlayer)

Who likes chatbots? ....? No one? That's because we probably all had the same experience: an annoying pop-up appearing on our screen, begging us to ask a question. Easy, you thought. But as you start talking to the bot, it just cannot help you the way a person could. You end up frustrated because you wasted your time explaining your problem to the chatbot, without the expected result.

So yes, chatbots suck. But why? How come they don't do a better job? By 2022, 70% of all customer interactions will involve chatbots, AI or machine learning. So how can we make this better, so our customers don't feel this frustration anymore? Pieter Buteneers, CTO of Chatlayer,will tell you all about it!

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    Charlotte Vuylsteke iReachm.com

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    PB G
    Pieter Buteneers CTO @ Chatlayer

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    Joyce Coronado Brand Activation Specialist @ RingRing


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