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The Belgian SME: from fax to chatbot

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The Belgian SME: from fax to chatbot

Digitalization in SMEs

A lot of SMEs are forced to do some redesigning for the digital economy, and adopt a digital-first mindset. But what is this digital transformation? What challenges do companies face on this journey? How to tackle them? In a lot of cases, even if we're aware of the need of digitalisation, the realization of this transformation is slowed down due to different barriers.

During this webinar, we'll dive into digital transformation in SMEs with a focus on social media and customer experience. How can you assure a social presence of your brand, create leads etc. And how can you assure you can meet new customer expectations?

Together with our guest speaker Steven Van Kerkhoven (co-founder of Contento), we'll try to answer those questions and give advice on how an SME can go from fax to chatbot.

Hope to see you there!

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    Charlotte Vuylsteke iReachm.com

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    Steven van Kerkhoven Co-founder @ Contento


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