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Help! My Chatbot is not as intelligent as I thought, now what?

About this webinar

Developing an intelligent chatbot is not as easy as it seems. What do you do when you build a chatbot but still isn't that intelligent as you thought it would be?

During this webinar we will help you create an amazing chatbot. No more struggling!

The objective of this webinar

After this webinar, you will know how to create an intelligent chatbot independently. We will give you several tips & tricks to optimise your chatbot.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Peter Staveloz Chief Evangelist @ The Ring Ring Company

  • Team member
    Joyce Coronado Brand Activation Specialist @ RingRing


Automating Customer Interaction All The Time !

At RingRing we are passionate about automating your company’s customer interactions. Our Communication Platform is an all-in-one platform to reach your customers directly through SMS, Voice, Whatsapp and Chat- & Voicebots. A different communication tool for every need.