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Risk Alive Analytics invites you to their event

Accelerate your PHA/HAZOP process

About this event

Learn how Risk Alive accelerates the PHA/HAZOP process by leveraging industry knowledge and data analytics.

  • Reduce Preparation time
  • Reduce Session time
  • Increase quality and completeness
  • Reduce PHA/HAZOP Fatigue

Hosted by

  • Team member
    SS T
    Sarah Spackman Marketing Coordinator @ Risk Alive Analytics Inc.

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    TD T
    Tony Dinh Process Safety Lead @ ACM Facility Safety Inc.

    I take pride in helping clients identify gaps between their process risks and available safety measures. I understand that PHAs, or HAZOPs in particular, can be mentally draining. Therefore, I strive to keep the team engaged and reduce PHA time where possible by providing innovative solutions.

  • Team member
    JH T
    Jeff Hayter VP Marketing & Sales @ RSD Group

Risk Alive Analytics


Risk Alive makes it easier and faster to both recognize threats and identify opportunities that will help prioritize your process improvements, manage regulatory compliance, reduce spending inefficiencies and ultimately create safer ways to work.