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Prioritize And Schedule HAZOPs Based On Risk, Not Workflow And Resources

About this event

Health Check By Risk Alive Analytics is a diagnostic tool that analyzes your existing PHA data to help prioritize your Process Safety Management efforts in four key areas based on Risk and not schedule. Join us on Nov 18th and discover how Risk Alive Analytics’ data-driven solutions continue to offer new innovative solutions to problems that have overwhelmed PSM professionals for decades and make us safer together.

Learn more about Risk Alive Analytics and the RSD Group.

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    Owaiz Ebrahim Manager, Customer Success @ Risk Alive Analytics Inc.

    I engage with clients and help them implement and integrate analytics into their existing work processes to make them safer, more efficient, and profitable. I've conducted several workshops to drive the adoption of risk analytics by Operations, Maintenance & Reliability, and Instrumentation groups.

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    Christian Seon Business Development Manager @ Risk Alive Analytics

Risk Alive Analytics


Risk Alive makes it easier and faster to both recognize threats and identify opportunities that will help prioritize your process improvements, manage regulatory compliance, reduce spending inefficiencies and ultimately create safer ways to work.