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Did You Miss Anything? Data To Improve The Quality And Consistency Of Your FCC HAZOPs

About this event

FCC Units are complex pieces of machinery that are common and critical to our industry. But, being so commonplace and competing for PSM resources, how do you look at these with a new perspective and a fresh set of eyes, time and time again?

With the industry's largest risk library, we bring the knowledge of 100s of industry PHA teams into your sessions. We offer a data-driven solution that enables everyone in your organization to gain fresh perspectives on old problems.

On Feb 17th, join us as we share data-driven insights from FCC PHAs across the industry and see how you compare. We are pulling back the curtain and sharing our actual data, including:

  • Common High-Risk Scenarios¬†
  • the Most Common Safeguarding Strategies used by industry FCC Units
  • the Average Capital Expenditure on implementing recommendations within the FCC Unit

Join us and find out how we can help you optimize the risk discovery in your upcoming FCC HAZOPs.

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    Owaiz Ebrahim Manager, Customer Success @ Risk Alive Analytics Inc.

    I engage with clients and help them implement and integrate analytics into their existing work processes to make them safer, more efficient, and profitable. I've conducted several workshops to drive the adoption of risk analytics by Operations, Maintenance & Reliability, and Instrumentation groups.

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    David Nguyen Process Safety Analytics EIT @ Risk Alive Analytics Inc.

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