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Major versus Minor Procedures: Assisting in Risk Selection

About this event

This free, 25-min webinar from KarenZupko & Associates is presented by Robin.

The exclusive program will cover how the 2021 revisions to E/M guidelines changed how practices distinguish major and minor procedures and provide must-have insights to calculate the element of risk by recognizing the differences between them.

Learning objectives

  • Develop guidelines to distinguish major from minor procedures related to billing and coding
  • Identify nuances to distinguish procedures as major or minor


  • Why all the fuss now? (10 min)
  • Who created the concept of major and minor as we know it in coding and billing?
  • Global periods and how they relate to major and minor surgeries in 2022?
  • Is there a clear definition between major and minor procedures for orthopedics?
  • Real world cases (10 min)
  • Fracture care conundrum
  • Examples of major vs. minor procedures
  • Q&A (5 min)

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Marks MD @ KarenZupko & Associates

  • Team member
    EG T
    Emilio Galan

  • Guest speaker
    Jen Bell MSOLE, CPC, CPMA, CHC, CASCC @ KarenZupko & Associates

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