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How to sell on Amazon—Marketplace opportunities to boost your sales

About this event

Why Amazon is central to your ecommerce success in export markets

If you, or the clients you help online are looking for ways to expand sales, particularly to the overseas audience, marketplaces like Amazon are a key part of the ecommerce ecosystem to consider. It’s easy to link your products/store with marketplaces like Amazon through Rocketspark’s integration with Quickbooks Commerce (originally TradeGecko).

There are two main reasons why businesses like yours choose to sell on Marketplaces;

  1. Marketplaces compliment their own website sales. Marketplaces are like a ‘lead generation channel’ for their brand.
  2. To reach new audiences in export markets. This is far easier to do when leveraging a marketplace and utilising its fulfilment services - like Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service.

Because of the opportunity for growth in export right now, Grant and the Rocketspark team are delighted to announce that we are running a live online training with Australasia's leading Amazon Agency - Sell Global. Founder and Director Hamish Conway and his team have worked with over 250 New Zealand and Australian businesses to help them launch and succeed on the Amazon platform.

Sell Global has a strong track record of creating 6 and 7 figure sales channels for many brands, some of which you will hear about on the training.

Join Rocketspark and Australasia's leading Amazon Agency - Sell Global while they present this free live training session. Thursday 15 October at 10am NZ Time for 75 minutes.

You'll learn;

  • How to grow your own ecommerce store sales with Amazon
  • The selling options on Amazon and the pro’s and con’s of each
  • How using Amazon fulfilment (FBA) takes away the ‘last mile dilemma’ for exporters
  • What product categories are booming on Amazon in the new COVID environment
  • How to position your brand on Amazon to stand out from the crowd
  • How the money flow works on Amazon and what margins you can expect
  • Your advertising options on Amazon and what's in the pipeline
  • What Amazon countries to pay attention to right now
  • Amazon growth numbers that may surprise you
  • The steps and timeframes to get started selling on Amazon
  • How to know if your products will be successful on Amazon
  • Q&A session.

About Hamish | Founder and Director at Sell Global

From running his own 7 figure Amazon business in North America, UK and Europe, then helping numerous businesses grow on Amazon, Hamish is perfectly set to help Rocketspark ecommerce clients looking to successfully launch their products into the USA, Japan, UK, and Europe.

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