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Rocketspark Ecommerce Series

About this event

Join one of our founding directors, Grant Johnson, for an indepth look at how to get started selling online, and the tools and strategies you can utilise to really grow your business.

This series is across 2 sessions:

Getting Started with Ecommerce - Thursday June 18, 11am

Learn the basics of setting up an online shop, plus ecommerce principles that will help you succeed. Our team has consulted on or built heaps of ecommerce sites. We know what works, and what doesn't. This session is a must attend for those that are wanting to get selling online quickly and easily.

The Ecommerce Secret Sauce - Thursday June 25, 11am

The next session in our ecommerce series. We walk you through the strategies and tools to help you be more successful in selling online. These may seem complex, but can be simple and make a really big difference. Learn about creating recurring revenue, enticing customers back plus much much more.

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