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Rotify invites you to their event

Rotify - Simplify Staff Scheduling

About this event

We'll show you how Rotify can save you hours in rota planning and take the pain out of making the day to day changes that come with managing a team of shift workers.

We'll cover off Rotify's clever leave and sickness features, as well as our powerful reports and dashboards. We'll show you how you can chat with your staff through Rotify, and send messages via SMS/email in seconds. You wouldn't want to miss that now, would you?

For more information about Rotify please visit www.rotify.co.uk or join our webinar

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    Joe Gatenby Commercial Manager @ Rotify


Join the rota revolution.

Why are you still struggling with spreadsheets and WhatsApp messages? Rotify can be set up in no time and will save you hours in rota planning.