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About this event

Innovation drives growth and generates competitive advantages. To exploit and control these advantages, senior management, R&D, and patent teams must work together. Highly specialized IP professionals can struggle to get the attention and buy-in from management they need to work effectively, but they must understand that no one else will solve this problem for them.

In addition, ensuring competitive advantages are identified and handled effectively by the organisation requires a common framework to model and communicate value and innovation. Senior management will not take the time to appreciate this, so it is up to IP professionals to become proficient in communicating and demonstrating how their work adds value. Understanding the link between the control achieved through IP instruments, and value, as perceived by management is vital.

In this webinar, Thomas Randes and Erik Oskarsson of Rouse Consultancy will speak to both sides of the innovation relationship by identifying, modelling, and valuing competitive advantages throughout organisations.

The webinar will be recorded so if you cannot join the event live you will be sent a link to watch afterwards.

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  • Guest speaker
    Thomas Randes Principal, Sweden Country Manager @ Rouse Consultancy

    Thomas's expertise has always been the correlation between valuable innovation and intellectual property which has led to the development of skills and knowledge in finance as well as business administration.

  • Guest speaker
    Erik Oskarsson Principal @ Rouse Consultancy

    Erik provides advice in commercial research, start-ups and multinational corporation context focusing on identifying, valuating and controlling innovation and competitive advantages. Erik specialises in contextualizing IP and intellectual assets to support clients’ growth and profitability.


Our purpose is to ensure that our innovative clients maximise the value of their IA and IP.

We operate as a closely integrated network to provide the full range of intellectual property services, from patent and trade mark protection and management to commercialisation, global enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.