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Risky Business: Understanding & Mitigating Website Risks

About this event

You want to keep your website up and running and protect your and your customer’s data. But when you try to learn about website security, it’s JUST. TOO. MUCH.

If the questions “Who hosts your website?” or “do you have an HTTPS certificate?” draw a blank, this course is for you.

Join us virtually on October 5 for “Risky Business: Understanding & Mitigating Website Risks,” presented by RSM Marketing’s President Scott Schaper.

Topics covered include:

  • Website Hosting:
  • Who owns, holds & administers it?
  • Is my host (and customer data) overseas, and does it matter?
  • Encryption & Certificates:
  • Why HTTPS is the beginning, not the end
  • What is encrypted and what is not?
  • Choosing between brand name certificates or open source (is that million dollar guarantee needed?)
  • Data Backups:
  • Why data loss still occurs when backups are in place
  • Why it’s possible to back up too much, and how to find the right balance
  • How to test a restoration & tolerating downtime
  • Data Storage:
  • When is data out of your control?
  • Where is your customer data, and is it at risk?
  • Website Monitoring: How can my website be up but not working?
  • Online Payments & PCI Compliance: It’s all about 16 digits—do you get them, do you store them, do you manage them?

Register for the virtual event now—it’s free! 

Sliding into the event wearing sunglasses a lá Tom Cruise not required.

Have questions about the topic? Submit them during the event so Scott can answer them!

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    Sundee Dunn Director of RSM U @ RSM

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    Scott Schaper President @ RSM Marketing

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