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Private data/public interest: how could cities use data from the private sector?

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[Rudi Live Europe #2] "B2G data sharing in European cities": how could cities use data from the private sector?

Rudi invites you to a webinar with Joan Batlle Montserrat (City of Barcelona), Federica Bodelot (Eurocities) and Marion Glatron (Rennes Metropole). They will discuss the current landscape of B2G data sharing at the local level in Europe:

B2G data sharing in practice: what works? How do you get access to data from the private sector? What are the pain points? What is needed for better collaboration between local authorities and the private sector? (in areas such as tourism, mobility, energy, urban planning, education),

How could cities have their say on the forthcoming EU Data Act? What roles should cities play in the definition and the implementation of a legal framework?

The event will be moderated by Simon Chignard, UIA Expert.

About this event

This online event is part of a series of talks and workshops (Rudi Live x Europe) dedicated to the European dimension of Rudi. The first edition "Data governance at the local level" welcomed the Open Data Institute (London) and the Joint Research Centre (European Commission).

About Rudi

Rudi (Rennes Urban Data Interface) aims to develop a data-sharing platform at the metropolitan level. This 3-year project is supported by the European program Urban Innovative Action (UIA).

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