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Sustainable Strategies & the Green Deal Marketplace - Converting Returns into Sales (RWB Digital Series)

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Sustainable Strategies & the Green Deal Marketplace - Converting Returns into Sales (RWB Digital Series)

Tuesday 25th May 2021 | 11:00AM UK (GMT+1)

As consumer behaviours continue to pivot toward online shopping, rising return rates are a danger that looms large over online fashion.

High return rates create logistical and financial problems for ecommerce sellers, shrinking their margins and limiting their growth. According to research by Shopify, return rates for online fashion purchases range from 30% to 50%.

But that’s not all. After considering the cost to the vendor of the postal return, in addition to the expense of sorting and redistributing merchandise once it reaches a vendor’s return center, many businesses will struggle to make any margin on the resale. For some, it makes sense to destroy these items, at a cost to business, and to the environment.

What if there was a marketplace that set out to solve this very problem?

Join us as we explore this topic with our expert guest:

Part of the Oslo Digital Group, The Green Deal Marketplace is an innovative and sustainable way to tackle the increasing challenge of customer returns. By handling your customer’s returns and reselling your item locally at the lowest possible climate cost, The Green Deal Marketplace is able to bring new profitability to your business while having a positive impact on the environment.

Joining us from The Green Deal Marketplace is co-founder, Filip Elverhøy, a visionary leader with a wealth of understanding on today’s challenges within ecommerce.

Dilyana Gramadarova, Head of Partnerships at Retail Without Borders (RWB), Europe’s largest online marketplace conference, and host of the RWB Digital Series, will lead this discussion to explore the sustainable strategies you can leverage to convert returns into sales and deliver new streams of profitability for your business.

In this session, we’ll consider the following points and more:

  • How critical is sustainability for consumers vs sellers vs the planet? What are some of the key considerations businesses need to keep in mind when setting strategy?
  • What about the age-old dilemma: sustainability vs profitability? Is it possible to achieve strong levels of profitability within a sustainable business model?
  • How easy it is to transform returns into new sales and why is that a good strategic move for sellers? What are the less obvious benefits to consider?

As e-commerce grows, online returns aren’t going to simply go away. However, strategies that reduce the cost of returns to your business are gaining real validity. Sign up today to ensure you stay up to speed on these strategies and learn how they can help your business develop new methods of profitability while becoming more sustainable.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dilyana Gramadarova Retail Without Borders (RWB)

    As Head of Strategic Partnerships, Dilyana is focused on strengthening the relations with marketplaces globally and growing RWB as a thought leadership and knowledge sharing platform connecting the marketplaces with sellers and best in class solution providers.

  • Guest speaker
    Filip Elverhøy Co-founder @ Oslo Digital, The Green Deal & XVR

    Filip is well known in e-commerce and digitalisation in the Nordic region, where he has led some of the major digital initiatives, including the establishment of the digital department for Elkjøp Nordic. Today he works with the establishment of The Green Deal, Oslo Digital and a VR company.

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