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Accelerating Customer Trust in 2023: Trends & Predictions

About this event

Over the past several years, the concept of “customer trust” has evolved from a niche focus area to a critical concern for enterprise organizations and their cybersecurity teams. More and more, organizations are devoting time, mindshare, and manpower to customer trust, even creating customer trust-focused teams within the company.

But what does “customer trust” actually entail, and how has it evolved in recent months? What investments should complex, growing businesses consider in the year to come?

Join us as we unpack this critical concept, in a fireside chat with customer trust leaders. You’ll learn:

  • Critical elements of “customer trust” that go above and beyond the traditional security function
  • Trends and changes over the course of 2022
  • What enterprise organizations can expect in 2023 - and what investments you can make to develop a thriving customer trust focus in the year to come

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Al Yang

    Al is the CEO and Co-founder at SafeBase. Al is a successful serial entrepreneur who personally felt the pain and inefficiency of vendor security assessments. He founded his first company, Picmonic (acquired), out of college. He has also worked on Wall Street in New York and as a VC in San Francisco before founding SafeBase. Al met his co-founder and CTO at Harvard. The team is on a mission to create a world in which companies with solid security programs can gain a competitive advantage in the sales process.

  • Guest speaker
    Bret Bender Information Security Engineer @ Jamf

    Information security professional with a background in building out a Security Operations Center, engaging stakeholders on security issues, process implementation/improvement and other facets of the information security space.


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SafeBase empowers security & GRC teams to develop a customer-facing Trust Center that automates the security review process. Companies use SafeBase to reduce security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, accelerate sales velocity, and position security as a revenue driver.