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Building a Smart Trust Center: Best Practices from Security Professionals

About this event

As a vendor, security assessments can be very time consuming. Countless emails, questionnaires, and document requests create bottlenecks in the sales cycle. In this webinar, Very Good Security CISO, Kathy Wang, and Mindbody Director of Cybersecurity Risk, Kristen Deuel, will share how they’ve leveraged SafeBase to share their security posture online, build customer trust with ongoing communication, and turn security into a sales enabler.In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Build and manage a public security portal Automate access to sensitive compliance documents Streamline the NDA process Keep prospects and customers informed as you add new certifications and reports or share security bulletins Automatically inform your sales team when prospects and customers request access or view security documents

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  • Guest speaker
    Kristen Deuel Director of Cybersecurity Risk @ Mindbody

    Kristen Deuel CISA, CRISC, PMP, CBCP is the Director of Cybersecurity Risk at Mindbody where she’s been leading cybersecurity risk management for global, mid-market SaaS marketplace with diverse product verticals since 2018. She also provides management and leadership to the Cyber Risk team. She is accountable for continuous improvement and maturity of programs. Prior to leading cybersecurity risk at Mindbody, she was a Principal Consultant Kayardee Consulting, LLC where she served clients including Nike and Smarsh. Kristen has over 25 years of technology experience and a Master’s Degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Disaster Science.

  • Guest speaker
    Kathy Wang CISO @ Very Good Security

    Kathy Wang is CISO at Very Good Security, and is a recognized thought leader in information security with a strong background in research and security leadership. She has worked in government, commercial, and technology startup environments, and currently advises security services/products startup companies. Kathy is also an internationally-recognized malware expert, who has researched, developed, evaluated, and operationalized various solutions for detecting and preventing client-side attacks used by advanced persistent threats (APT), as they target common platforms. She has spoken at many conferences and panels, including RSAC, DEFCON, and REcon. Kathy has co-authored a book, Beautiful Security, and holds a BS and MS in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

  • Guest speaker
    Al Yang CEO and Co-founder @ SafeBase

    Al is the CEO and Co-founder at SafeBase. Al is a successful serial entrepreneur who personally felt the pain and inefficiency of vendor security assessments. He founded his first company, Picmonic (acquired), out of college. He has also worked on Wall Street in New York and as a VC in San Francisco before founding SafeBase. Al met his co-founder and CTO at Harvard. The team is on a mission to create a world in which companies with solid security programs can gain a competitive advantage in the sales process.


Showcase your security program and streamline workflows

SafeBase's Smart Trust Center makes it easy to build trust with current and prospective customers. Answer security questions, showcase your security posture, and share sensitive documents—all in one place.