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Building Trust with Enterprise Customers

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Trust is not just important, it's essential in the digital economy. Organizations must demonstrate that they can be trusted—in order to gain trust, they need to show their commitment to security, privacy, and corporate ethics. Trust has never been more crucial, especially for enterprises.

As Forbes said in a 2021 article: "Trust is probably the most valuable corporate brand asset in a new world economy where decisions are not based solely on profit and loss but on the seriousness of the company's business ethics."

So, where do you start? How can your company build trust with enterprise customers? Join Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, Jim Alkove, and Al Yang for an insightful discussion all about trust—how to build it, maintain it, and harness it to power your organization's growth.

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  • Team member
    Al Yang

    Al is the CEO and Co-founder at SafeBase. Al is a successful serial entrepreneur who personally felt the pain and inefficiency of vendor security assessments. He founded his first company, Picmonic (acquired), out of college. He has also worked on Wall Street in New York and as a VC in San Francisco before founding SafeBase. Al met his co-founder and CTO at Harvard. The team is on a mission to create a world in which companies with solid security programs can gain a competitive advantage in the sales process.

  • Guest speaker
    Hilarie Koplow-McAdams Venture Partner @ NEA

  • Guest speaker
    Jim Alkove Former Chief Trust Officer @ Salesforce


The Scalable Trust Center

SafeBase empowers security & GRC teams to develop a customer-facing Trust Center that automates the security review process. Companies use SafeBase to reduce security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, accelerate sales velocity, and position security as a revenue driver.