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Michelin's Feedback: How IoT helped improve its intercontinental performance?

About this event

What ROI is possible with a frugal IoT approach based on Microsoft Azure solutions?

Today, more than ever, shippers are suffering from a lack of visibility on maritime flows. Michelin has decided to address this issue by using an IoT (Internet of Things) solution for real-time tracking of its goods.

Visibility, performance, granular information, data security, challenges were multiple. Why did Michelin choose an IoT approach? What characteristics of this solution allowed Michelin to meet its visibility challenges? What were the concrete gains?

We will discuss:

  • Michelin's experience feedback
  • Concrete examples to illustrate the results of this collaboration
  • Technology at the service of the business with Microsoft cloud Azure and Sigfox 0G Network.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Raphaël Anasthase Director of sales @ Safecube

  • Guest speaker
    Pierre-Olivier Patin Cloud Technologist & Architect @ Microsoft

  • Guest speaker
    François-Pierre Vincent Interco Performance Control Tower Manager @ Michelin


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