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Worker well-being | 5 easy steps

About this event

A blend of safety, health, and well-being at home and at work is a powerful injury prevention strategy. An integrated approach, like Total Worker Health® includes workplace protections and health supports resulting in improved well-being.

Come and learn about Worker well-being in 5 easy steps, a product of collaboration between SAIF and the Center for Work, Health, and Well-being at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  The process will help identify the root causes of workplace well-being issues, and engage your workers in designing solutions and taking action. The process weaves together safety, health, and well-being through organizational, environmental, and individual perspectives resulting in an integrated set of solutions.

This session will guide you through the following steps and help generate ideas to take back to your workplace.






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  • Guest speaker
    AS G
    Aubrey Sakaguchi Safety and Health Supervisor @ SAIF

  • Guest speaker
    LH G
    Liz Hill Total Worker Health Adviser @ SAIF

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