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Net New Account Discovery Using eCHO Intent & SalesboxAI

About this event

Adding net new logos is a key to growth yet remains a challenge, especially in complex B2B sales cycles. We invite you to join the On-demand webinar to learn how you can discover net new accounts with intent data and effectively reach them across multiple channels by deploying an AI Assistant. We will walk through the strategy as a whole and dive into specific examples on how to reach, and exceed, your net new lead generation goals.

What we had covered:

  • A brief overview of intent data & use cases
  • Deep dive into net new account discovery as a tactic
  • Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to driving marketing effectiveness
  • Example of the tactic using eCHO Intent and SalesboxAI
  • Q&A


Alex Roy, Founder and CEO, SalesboxAI

Alex Lukashov, VP of Sales, 180byTwo Powered by MeritB2B

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    Alex Roy Founder and CEO @ SalesboxAI

    Alex Roy is the Founder and CEO of SalesboxAI. He is a hands-on tech entrepreneur, marketer, product manager all rolled into one with rich experience in building and launching innovative enterprise software products.


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