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Learn How You Could Tackle High Musculoskeletal Spend

About this webinar

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, such as back and joint pain, consistently rank as a top spend category for employers due to overutilization of surgeries and drugs. You can reduce unnecessary surgery and opioid use in your workforce with the 3 pillars of best practice MSK care: exercise therapy, behavioral health, and education. 

Join Kalkin Shelat, Chief Executive Officer at Sarjan Health, to discover how employers can disrupt a common pathway from chronic pain to opioid misuse, deliver 2x better pain reduction than opioids, and save an average of $4300 per participant by avoiding 2 out of 3 surgeries.

In this webinar you will:

- Learn why flawed MSK treatment is linked to increased risk of opioid dependency and depression

- Understand how evidence-based MSK care can reduce the need for surgeries and drugs

- Explore how you could tackle MSK spend across all the employees by addressing both MSK pain and opioid use

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    Kalkin Shelat CEO @ Sarjan Health

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