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Hydrogen for Heating: a silver bullet or hot air?

About this event

In this session, Sava's Consultancy Director, Dr Neil Cutland, explores the use of hydrogen for domestic heating.


  • The UK policy context – the decarbonisation of heat, and the Future Homes Standard 2025.
  • The rise of the electric heat pump.
  • The arguments against electrification / in favour of hydrogen.
  • The different ‘colours’ of hydrogen.
  • The arguments against the deployment of hydrogen for home heating.
  • The large-scale trials in Redcar and Fife.
  • Where else could or should hydrogen be used?  And what is hydro-treated vegetable oil?
  • Conclusions: what’s the future for home heating?
  • Q&A

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    Neil Cutland Consultancy Director @ Sava


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