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How to get paid what Amazon owes you

About this event

If you're using FBA or selling on Amazon then you'll know there are lots of different fees. Storage fees, shipping fees, restocks, labelling... it often seems like Amazon has a hundred ways to take an extra pinch.

But are you also on top of the rebates and refunds which you are due from Amazon? The reimbursements they are supposed to pay you when they make a mistake or something goes wrong?

Join us to learn about several fees and reimbursements that you should regularly monitor in your business. You can then choose to do this manually if you wish - or engage a company like GETIDA which has technology to automate the process and ensure you get paid what you're owed.

During our last webinar we mentioned GETIDA was up next. One audience member said that GETIDA had secured them $20,000 in refunds. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Join us to learn

  • how to optimise your products to minimise the fees you pay
  • how to get paid what you're owed by Amazon (but they sometimes try to wriggle out of!)
  • which areas of your business you should audit regularly
  • tools that can help you automate the process
  • special offer for all attendees... it's like getting $400 cashback for attending a free webinar 🙂

This webinar is presented by GETIDA and made possible by sponsorship from Thrasio, WorldWide Logistics Group and Zee.

This event is free and a full replay will also be available to everybody that registers. There's no time like the present, so register today!

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