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Customer Lifetime Value On Amazon

About this event

Do you know the true value of acquiring a new customer?

Have you ever calculated your CLV?

We are delighted to welcome back Rael Cline from nozzle.ai for this session, where he will explain what CLV is, how you can calculate it and why you should care.

BONUS topic:

We've added a second speaker to tomorrow's webinar. Danny Carlson is going to present a quick, but invaluable, segment titled:

The Secret Match Type No One Uses in their Amazon Ads

What is it?

Danny has described this as a method to help you discover profitable keywords in your PPC auto campaigns without wasting ad spend on irrelevant keywords.

Join us live at 11am (morning session this time!) on Thursday 14th May.

Featuring Rael Cline from nozzle.ai and Danny Carlson, introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleFortail.

Thank you to our sponsors, without whom these webinars would not be possible:

  • Payoneer - $100 credit when you sign up using this link
  • nozzle.ai - The smartest way to run your Amazon search and display campaigns
  • bezos.ai - Next generation fulfilment for Amazon Sellers

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  • Guest speaker
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    Rael Cline

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    Christian Morgan

  • Team member
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    Shelley Simone Co-Founder @ ScaleForEtail

  • Guest speaker
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    Shanil Beekarry

  • Guest speaker
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    Danny Carlson Chief ROI Officer @ Kenji ROI


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