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How to manage and optimise your Amazon Listings Featuring Vanessa Hung

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Do you struggle with managing your listings?

Ever wondered if there's a better way?

There's one speaker I've seen speak recently who blew my mind with her insightful, well-organised, and simple strategies for managing Amazon listings.

Her name's Vanessa Hung and I'm delighted that she's joining us to share her tactics with the ScaleForEtail community.

Vanessa is a problem solver of the unsexy stuff of Amazon. She finds solutions to day-to-day e-commerce problems by building a deep understanding of the underlying systems. You don't need to learn the details of how Amazon works - Vanessa has done that for you and distilled it into easy and actionable steps.

She began transforming Amazon businesses in 2017 and, through her presentations and done-for-you services, she helps sellers free themselves from the pain points of dealing with Seller Central accounts.

For her, every day is a learning day. Make the 27th your learning day and join us live!

This is a session for business owners - but it's also worth asking your VAs to attend live too, so they can get their questions answered during the webinar.

Register now, then join us on the 27th to re-calibrate your understanding of Amazon and rebuild your processes.

  • Learn the importance of managing listings
  • Vanessa's top 5 SOPs you can implement yourself

This event is free to you, thanks to our sponsors: AVASK, Gravitiq and World Wide Logistics.

See you soon!

Christian and Shelley

The ScaleForEtail team

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