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Amazon Suspension Prevention

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Amazon Problems? Account Suspended? Sales Slow?

There are many issues which can affect your Amazon seller account. There are many reasons that Amazon can suspend a product, or block your whole account.

We're delighted to welcome one of the world's leading experts in Amazon reinstatement to the ScaleForEtail stage: Cynthia Stine.

Register above to join us on the 19th November.

Cynthia and her firm are experts in advising sellers how to:

⭐ protect your products from hijackers

⭐ protect your account from suspension and saboteurs

⭐ get your Amazon account reinstated quickly when the worst happens

⭐ manage IP complaints and problems with your listings

⭐ scale and grow your brands from a position of strength

On our Facebook Group we asked what the main issues are. You voted and we heard you!

During this webinar, Cynthia will discuss the latest ways to deal with the toughest Amazon seller challenges of the day:

✓ Linked Account suspensions - what to do in advance to prevent them, and what to do if you're suspended

✓ Amazon Infringement take downs, why they happen and how to handle them

✓ Why so many honest sellers fail verification or get their accounts suspended: and how to get (re)approved

✓ Live Q&A - get your questions answered by Cynthia!

Register above and join us on the 19th November.

More about Cynthia Stine:

Cynthia has 25+ years of business, crisis and turnaround consulting experience. She built her career advocating for businesses and giving a voice to the frustrated and powerless.

She has written two books about Amazon including the ground-breaking "Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account", which has won two international book awards and sells worldwide in English and Chinese.

Today she is the founder of eGrowth Partners, the most experienced team in reinstatements, infringement resolutions and other issues Amazon sellers deal with.

eGrowth Partners understands Amazon sellers and the issues they face. They use their experience, know-how, contacts and processes to fix problems quickly. You can find out more at

Webinar presented by Cynthia Stine, introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail.

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