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How to build an army of raving fans for your brand

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Do you just have buyers on Amazon? Or do you have an army of raving fans? 🥰🤩📣

Raving fans are the customers you love - and who love you back. They're the ones who will:

  • recommend your products to their friends and family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
  • buy your new products when you launch them 🚀
  • leave you glowing reviews, because they 🧡 what you do

But how do you create them?

Join us on the 28th and learn about Seth Stevens's method for turning buyers into raving fans.

Seth will run a live screen share training and take you on a deep dive into the most effective way to transform ANY Amazon business into a CASH COW.

He has already applied this process to several businesses - and it has worked in 100% of cases so far. Worked to increase sales, improve ranking, get reviews and, most importantly, increased PROFITABILITY of the businesses.

Seth will show you how you can use what you already have access to (but may not realise it yet!) to make your customers way more valuable (profitable) to your business.

In Seth's experience, this has:

  • increased sales on Amazon by 67%
  • increased profit margins on the products
  • increased control over Amazon rankings (without needing to give away stock or use paid ads)
  • created a repeatable system for profitable product launches (without rebates!)
  • created raving fans who love the brand a leave glowing reviews

... and it only takes a few weeks. So you can have it all set up before Cyber Weekend.

Register above (for free!) and join us on the 28th to learn more about Seth's process and how you can use it to grow your brand on Amazon!

Who is Seth Stevens?

Seth has launched more than 1,000 products on Amazon and went from 0 to 8 figures (over $10m annual sales) on Amazon in less than 2 years. 📈

He has helped train nearly 1,000 Amazon sellers how to source effectively from China and co-founded a mastermind that has helped over 2,000 sellers grow faster and more profitably. 🔥

In short - he's been around the block, knows what works and loves to share his knowledge! 🤩

We hope that you can join us on the 28th and learn a lot from this session.

Register at the top of this page and we'll see you soon!

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