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How to use Brand Intellectual Property for offense and defence

About this event

Have you ever accidentally chosen a brand name or product idea that's protected?

How do you defend your products against copycats and fakes?

How much value can a smart IP strategy add to your company valuation?

Intellectual Property (IP) is an area which many sellers ignore or avoid, just hoping that it will never be an issue. That's not the smart way to use the system.

Yael has 17+ years experience helping brands to use IP to their advantage. Join us in this session to learn from her experience, including:

  • what happens if you choose a brand name that’s already taken? (and how to avoid this in the first place!)
  • the easy way to work out if the product you’re designing is already patented (to avoid a world of hurt later... been there, done that!)
  • simple steps to avoid accidental patent infringement
  • how to obtain copyrights, use them to defend your listings and scupper false complaints
  • from defense to offense: how to get started protecting your IP
  • how (and how much!) value a smart IP strategy can add to your brand's valuation when you exit

Yael Cabilly has years of experience as intellectual property and e-commerce attorney, and her firm has representing thousands of sellers worldwide in the past 6 years. Join us to learn from Yael's expertise in areas including trademarks, patents, copyright (registration & enforcement) and dealing with account & listing suspensions.

It's an area which can be used to your advantage and this is your chance to find out how, free of charge.

Grab your ticket today, then join us live and watch the replay at your convenience.

Webinar presented by Yael Cabilly from Cabilly & Co and hosted by Shelley Simone and Christian Morgan from ScaleForEtail. Content is the responsibility of the speaker and subject to change.

This event is free and a full replay will also be available to everybody that registers. There's no time like the present, so register today!

See you there!

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