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Optimising Ranking & Giveaways - what you really need to know

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** UPDATE: Apologies, the livestorm platform was experiencing technical difficulties when we were about to go live, so we are going to try again 2h later at 5pm UK time. **

Do you struggle to know how to launch and rank new products on Amazon?

Are you drowning in giveaways, only to see the rankings fade away when you turn off the tap?

Ranking on Amazon has always been a challenge but Mark has developed strategies to rank products without a single giveaway. Strategies that work reliably - join us for this webinar to learn more.

In 2020 there is a lot more to a successful launch than simply pictures and reviews and giving customers what they need. You also need to show Amazon what it's looking for. To do this, you need to understand a bit about how Amazon's "A9" search algorithm works.

In this Webinar Mark will explain how to improve your listing to optimise search rank as well as tips and tricks to get your listing to the next level.

Mark has over 5 years of experience in Amazon Marketing & SEO. He started off working under a 9-figure Private Label seller and then branched out on his own. He runs a sales network of over 20,000 people to help with launching products and he has a vast knowledge of ranking, reviews and everything in between on how to truly sell your product. Mark gives speeches and seminars worldwide and works with some of the Top 500 companies on Amazon. Mark is well connected to the Chinese industry where they are 'a generation ahead' and is well aware of what methods they use to get their product to #1.

At last year's White Label Expo he was voted the most popular speaker and I was personally impressed by his breadth of knowledge and actionable advice when I got a chance to sit down with him after the show. We are delighted to welcome him to a ScaleForEtail webinar and hope that he will join us as a speaker at in-person events in the future.

I'm really looking forward to this webinar and I hope you can join us at 3pm on the 23rd April!

Register your spot today and I'll see you on the inside!

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