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How to set up and optimise your Amazon PPC campaigns for Q4 and beyond

About this event

Dustin and Kris from Two Sellers and a Microphone are joining us to show you how to set up and optimise your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Join us to learn:

🚀 Order from chaos - how to structure your PPC campaigns

📈 Moving beyond keywords - how to use other types of targeting

⏰ When to act - how to create a schedule for adjustments

💯 Know your numbers - how to work out your target ACoS

🐱‍👤 PPC ninja tactics - how to sneak past your competitors and pay less for the same keywords

🎁 Putting it all together - TACoS, sales, ranking and more

🎄 Bonus holiday tips to get the most out of Q4 this year

Register now (it's free) by entering your details at the top of this page. You will be able to attend live, ask your PPC questions during the session and receive a full recording to watch at your leisure.

Webinar content subject to change. This session is introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail, presented by Dustin and Kris from Two Sellers and a Microphone and Sellozo.

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