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How to find a supplier and manage product quality - Shelley Simone

About this event

Choosing a great supplier is the first step. But what next?

You've heard that managing the relationship is important, but what do you actually need to DO?

Don't worry. Shelley is here to explain all!

Shelley has the battle-scars from doing things the wrong way... then learned the right way, the right processes and the right approach.

This is a new and unique session with content not shared on ScaleForEtail before - I hope you can join us on Thursday to be one of the first to learn these tips!

Learn how Shelley successfully managed suppliers in the UK, US and China, including:

  • How to select and invest in the right suppliers
  • How to develop product standards with preferred suppliers
  • How to manage production quality issues with a system of incentives and penalties
  • How to use a system of POs, Vendor Agreements and a "special relationship" to make supplier relationships work like clockwork

Shelley will also share her templates with the audience, so join us live if you can!

Register now, then join us at noon on Thursday to learn Shelley's insider tips and tricks to tame your suppliers, improve your product quality and build your business on a solid foundation.

This event is free to you, thanks to our sponsors: AVASK, Gravitiq and the India Sourcing Trip. So register today and join us on the 15th.

See you soon!

Christian and Shelley

The ScaleForEtail team

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    Shelley Simone Co-Founder @ ScaleForEtail

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    Christian Morgan


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