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Mastering the EU post-Brexit

About this event

Importing into the EU for Amazon Sellers – how to navigate post-Brexit imports with Zee

Are you clear on how to get goods into and out of the EU after Brexit?

Do you know how to optimise the route to get goods flowing quickly, efficiently (and legally!)?

Well, we know somebody who does. So we invited them to join us for a webinar to clarify things for you.

Who's the expert? They are an Import/Export and Logistics specialist called Zee.

As you know, Brexit caused massive challenges for you selling into the EU and the border is a fun new obstacle for us to deal with! Have you withdrawn from (or reduced) your EU operations this year? That lost EU business can be reinstated with a clear understanding of how to move goods into the EU.

This webinar will delve into how to import goods into the EU post-Brexit, along with tips about the required regulatory demands. Of course, if you work with Zee they will take care of the details - but it's useful to understand the process too.

Join us on the 25th to get answers to these common questions (and a lot more!) :

* What has changed with moving goods into the EU?

* What do I need in place to move goods across the EU border?

* What third parties do I need to work with?

* What is an Indirect Representative & why might I need one?

* Can I import without an EORI or VAT registration?

* What do incoterms like DDP, DDU & DAP mean? Which should I use?

* How do I accurately calculate the import taxes & duties on my products?

* Is there a company that can handle all the details so I can get on with running my business?

With Zee’s help, Amazon sellers are able to import directly into the EU. Zee takes care of your shipment’s import compliance, acts as your Indirect Representative and organises your freight from start to finish. So you can get on with your day.

Register now (it's free) by entering your details at the top of this page. You will be able to attend live, ask your own import/export questions during the session and receive a full recording to watch at your leisure.

Webinar content subject to change. This session is introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail, presented by Mari-Louise Boshoff and Rael Lowenthal from Zee.

ScaleForEtail is sponsored by Thrasio and Zee:

Thrasio: if you are thinking of selling your business then get in touch at thrasio.com

Zee: complete Importer of Record & Logistics solutions, read more at scaleforetail.com/sp/zee

Register at the top of the page and we'll see you soon!

The ScaleForEtail Team

Christian & Shelley

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    Rael Lowenthal Zee

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    Daniel Lewis Zee

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    Shelley Simone Co-Founder @ ScaleForEtail

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    Christian Morgan

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    Mari-Louise Boshoff Zee


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