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Discover the advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS solution

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Discover the advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS solution

🚀 WEBINAR - Level: Beginner

🚀 Thursday June 23rd

🚀 17:30 (UTC +2)

Hello everyone,

Get to know more about Software as a Service (SaaS), the benefits of its distribution model for our customers and our teams.

Together we will see how a Kubernetes-based architecture addresses the issues of companies developing SaaS solutions.

Kubernetes is a technology facilitating container deployment in production environments.

This webinar is accessible to all. Come discover a SaaS typical use-case :

"Discover the advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS solution"

By Jean-Guillaume Burlet - Brand Evangelist at Scaleway ✨

Discover without further delay the advantages of Kubernetes Kapsule for your SaaS solution. This webinar will also cover the debate "multi-instance v. multi-tenant architecture" debate. At the end of the webinar, you will be able to optimize your choices in order to guarantee the stability, scalability and security of your infrastructures, without putting aside their portability. The customer issues we face in the SaaS realm give us a real field of SaaS expertise that we would like to share with you.

Finally, we will end this webinar with the traditional Q&A session.

See you soon to learn more about SaaS and Kubernetes!

Scaleway Teams 🚀




⌛ The presentation will last approximately 45 min and will end with a Q&A session.




This conference will be recorded and then uploaded on Scaleway's Youtube channel.


- What a SaaS solution is

- Key figures on the SaaS market

- Advantages of Kubernetes Kapsule for SaaS

- How to optimize your costs and loads while maintaining stability

- How to guarantee the security of your infrastructures

- The difference between a multi-instance and a multi-tenant architecture


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