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Scaleway invites you to their event

Zero water data centers by 2030: mission impossible?

About this event

On the occasion of the EU Green Week, Scaleway, in partnership with The Greentech Alliance and The Next Web, is delighted to invite you to a virtual round table discussion:

💧 Zero water data centers by 2030: mission impossible?

Thursday 3 June, 2021, 16.30 - 18.00 C.E.T

Scaleway’s President, Arnaud de Bermingham, will be joined by key stakeholders from the water sector, sustainable computing research, and French and EU level law-makers including:

  • Lubomila Jordanova for the moderation (Co-Founder of the Greentech Alliance & founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth
  • Marie-Laure Vercambre (Director General of the French Water Partnership)
  • David Mytton (sustainable cloud computing researcher at The Uptime Institute and Co-founder of Console)
  • Manuel Mateo Goyet (deputy Head of the Cloud and Software unit at the European Commission, DG Connect)

We also expect French Member of Parliament Vincent Thiébaut, rapporteur on a “digital and environment” law proposal, to deliver a keynote. 🚀

Different horizons, one goal - bringing the issue of water consumption in data centers to the table.

This topic, often taboo, is overlooked in most discussions concerning the digital sector’s environmental footprint. Our roundtable aims to reach a common understanding on the current situation, the challenges faced, and perspectives for change. Speakers will focus on the business mindset, technological innovations and regulations - with the obvious aim being to find a way to preserve one of the most vital, and yet threatened, common resources that humanity has to look after on our blue planet.

This is not only an invitation to the roundtable, but also an invitation to think outside the box!

To register, learn more, stay tuned and have your say:

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  • Guest speaker
    Manuel Mateo Goyet Deputy Head of the Cloud and Software unit @ European Commission

    Shaping public policies at #EU level promoting environmentally friendly cloud-based technologies, that’s part and parcel of the daily work of Manuel Mateo Goyet at the European Commission: he will tell you more about #DigitalEU plans to make Europe lead the way on Green Cloud: stay tuned!

  • Guest speaker
    David Mytton Sustainable cloud computing researcher @ Uptime Institute

    With David Mytton, you will hear the views of a sustainable computing researcher about such issues as data centers water consumption & efficiency, measurement and data availability controversies in Europe and beyond

  • Guest speaker
    Marie-Laure Vercambre Director General @ French Water Partnership

    The world is already confronted with what is commonly known as the global water crisis, climate change aside. Rising demand, demographic growth & uneven availability of water resources are at the core of this crisis, further exacerbated by climate change. But there are solutions!

  • Guest speaker
    Lubomila Jordanova Co-Founder & Founder @ The Green Tech Alliance & PlanA.Earth

    Our moderator Lubomila from PlanAearth and Greentech Alliance, is waiting for you: “I look forward to exploring in an engaging discussion the right sustainability path for the #tech industry in #Europe. Because there is no Plan B for our planet”


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