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Schneider Electric Solar Business invites you to their event

Xanbus Sizing for Conext Solar Solutions

About this webinar

Schneider Electric is inviting you to our webinar series on services: in our next webinar we will focus on Xanbus networks, a type of communications network enabling communications and interactivity of Conext™ inverters and accessories.

Correct device communications and robustness of the communication network is crucial for your Conext™ solar system for reliable functioning and with maximum performance


Understanding of Xanbus networks will help you, the designers and installers of Conext™ solar systems, to select the best topology and aggregation of the devices ensuring stable operation of the Conext system over the years.

Topics that will be covered during this webinar:

Definition of Xanbus protocol

Architecture of a Xanbus network:

·       purposes and features

·       power supply sizing

·       network topology

·       wiring design

Compatible devices

Hints and troubleshooting

Safety recommendations

Join us for a free 30-minute webinar plus Q and A to learn about Xanbus network applications for Conext™ series of solar inverter products.

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    Giannicola Biancofiore L3 service engineer @ Schneider Solar

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    Azra Mojdeh Fadaee Technical Training Material Developer @ Schneider Electric Solar

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    Eric Singh Design for Service Manager @ SE Solar

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    Michael Mui