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Finding Content & Resources for Remote Teaching: Expert Advice and Tips from Teacha!

About this event

Remote teaching requires teachers to spend hours looking for resources and content that can work online. In this webinar, we interview Jean Vermeulen, Founder of Teacha! and the teacher behind the popular Facebook page - Onnies Online. Tune in to discover how to find resources and content that you can use for remote learning and to get insider tips on using the resources found on the Teacha! platform. We will also show how you can upload your own content to Teacha! and even make money from doing so.

Teacha! Resources is a marketplace for original South African teacher resources. Teachers have been buying and selling original teacher-made lesson plans, worksheets, videos, assessments, workbooks, interactive lesson materials and more on their platform since 2015. Teacha! has more than 15 000 happy customers from every corner of South Africa and the world. 

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    Ashleig Viljoen SchoolAdvisor

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    Jean Vermeulen Founder @ Teacha!

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    Peter Morgan CEO @ Schoolscape


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