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The Sensible Use & Integration of Technology During Lockdown - FEDSAS Weighs In

About this event

The sensible use and integration of technology in the learning and teaching process has never been more relevant than now. In this webinar, we talk to Riaan van der Bergh, Education Technology Manager at FEDSAS.

Find out why Riaan says "If we put this season in cooking terms - we have the food, the hungry crowd and some appliances. But, the same way that a list of good ingredients do not make for a good meal without the recipe and cook, so it is with remote learning. Without the sensible use of technology and integration, we battle to create a solution that works for our learners, parents, and pupils.

Riaan will address questions like:

  • Will technology replace teachers?
  • What about cybersecurity, screen time, depression, disconnection?
  • Can technology save the day?
  • What is the role of the school IT Manager?

Hosted by

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    Ashleig Viljoen SchoolAdvisor

  • Guest speaker
    Riaan van der Bergh Education Technology Manager & Deputy Provincial Manager - Gauteng @ FEDSAS

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    Peter Morgan CEO @ Schoolscape


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