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Economic and Investment Outlook for 2021

About this event

Our Chief Investment Officer, Marcus Brookes, and Keith Wade, the Chief Economist from Schroders Investment Management will join David Ryder (Senior Investment Writer and Analyst) to discuss the outlook for economics and investments in 2021. Likely topics will include the rate of economic recovery, interest rates and inflation, the implications of Brexit (though we will be doing a dedicated webinar on this in the early part of 2021), the prospects for different economic sectors and how we are preparing for these considerations.

Please have your questions ready to submit during the webinar on the question panel. We’ll address as many questions as we can that are relevant to the topic.

Unfortunately, we cannot address your specific investment needs and decisions in any webinars. Firstly, because what’s good advice for one might be terrible advice for someone in different circumstances and, secondly, we’re not allowed to by law. If you would like professional advice on your investments please contact your Personal Wealth Adviser or click here spw.com for access to our professional advisers.

This webinar and material is not intended to be used by the media.

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Keith Wade Chief Economist @ Schroders

  • Guest speaker
    Marcus Brookes Chief Investment Officer @ Schroders Personal Wealth

  • Guest speaker
    David Ryder Senior Investment Writer and Analyst @ Schroders Personal Wealth

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