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Inheritance and Gifting – Addressing the Difficult Questions

About this event

Schroders Director of Intermediary Solutions in the UK, Gillian Hepburn, and Mark Thompson, Client Director for South Wales and Borders, join David Ryder (Senior Investment Writer and Analyst) to unpick some of the more difficult questions that you and your loved ones might face when preparing for passing wealth on.

Here are some of the questions that we’ll be aiming to address:

  • I am keen to arrange a will, but I fear my family’s reaction and am afraid to talk to them about it.
  • Will I lose control of what I gift?
  • What happens if they spend it on things I don’t approve of?
  • I have worked hard for this all my life. I don’t want them taking any gifts for granted. Will I be making life too easy for them?
  • I am in my 80s. Am I too old to make a gift?
  • Who should I appoint as my Power of Attorney? A solicitor or a friend or a family member?
  • Will my Power of Attorney be able to gift on my behalf, rather than me making the decisions?
  • Will I have enough for future care needs?
  • If I were to sell my house to move into care, would that affect my inheritance tax liability and the amount that passes on to my children?
  • My wealth is tied up in property. How do I pass that on fairly and appropriately?
  • Should I gift my house to my children now?
  • Can I skip a generation and gift directly to my grandchildren?
  • What is a deed of variation and when might I need it?
  • I have been living with my partner for many years. I have more assets than my partner. Should we get married?

Please have any further questions ready to submit during the webinar on the question panel. We’ll address as many questions as we can that are relevant to the topic.

Unfortunately, we cannot address your specific investment needs and decisions in any webinars. Firstly, because what’s good advice for one might be terrible advice for someone in different circumstances and, secondly, we’re not allowed to by law. If you would like professional advice on your investments please contact your Personal Wealth Adviser or click here spw.com for access to our professional advisers.

This webinar and material is not intended to be used by the media.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    David Ryder Senior Investment Writer and Analyst @ Schroders Personal Wealth

  • Guest speaker
    Gillian Hepburn Intermediary Solutions Director @ Schroders

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Thompson Regional Business Development Manager @ Schroders Personal Wealth

  • Team member
    Roma Sosin Executive Assistant @ SPW

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