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Regional Risks and Opportunities – US, China and the European Union

About this event

Join us for a live webinar on the opportunities and issues presented by domestic US politics, US-China tensions and measures being taken to support stability across the European Union.

Senator Joe Biden currently leads in US opinion polls, but will he hold on to win the presidency in November? And how might that affect growing tensions between the US and China? Meanwhile, unprecedented measures are being discussed to support the more vulnerable members of the European Union; if all members do support them, are they likely to work?

Join David Ryder, Senior Investment Writer & Analyst, as he puts these and other questions to the Chief Investment Officer of Schroders Personal Wealth, Marcus Brookes.

This webinar and material is not intended to be used by the media. 

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  • Team member
    Roma Sosin Executive Assistant @ SPW

  • Guest speaker
    David Ryder Senior Investment Writer & Analyst @ Schroders Personal Wealth

  • Guest speaker
    Marcus Brookes Chief Investment Officer @ Schroders Personal Wealth

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